Vehicle mounting option for Second Sight® MS

Second Sight gas detector - vehicle mounting optionThis system enables 360° surveillance and increases the flexibility in case of nomad operations. The vehicle mounting covers the vibrations and shocks transmitted to the system from the vehicle. The data are managed in real time from the under armour control station.
  • Chemical threats detection from vehicle
  • Scanning up to 360°
  • Removable for nomad operation

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Early warning in case of chemical threat

Second Sight® MS is the best tool to help reducing major risks of chemical contamination on battle field, cities, public events…

Second Sight® MS is able to detect several classes of chemicals: nerve or blister gases as Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and precursors, ammonia, ethylene oxide, and Toxic Industrial Compounds (TIC).

Application fields are :


  • Cities protection
  • Chemical Warfare Agent
  • Chemical Threats
  • Air quality
  • Public areas
  • Undergrounds

Application for event surveillance

In the context of p ublic events, the monitoring of chemical detection can be a big asset as far as it regroups a lot of persons in a « confined » environment: for example, Olympic Games, Football Championships, Superbowl…but also High Political meetings are the events which necessitate ensuring security and minimal risks for the public assisting.

The Second Sight is ideal for such application as far as it enables

  • real time detection and real time alarm
  • visualization of the cloud and the movement of the cloud following the emission
  • long distance detection (up to 5km)

All these advantages will enable an efficient and rapid management of the chemical event and thus limit the damages.

Second Sight gas detector for event surveillance



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